Better because of what is NOT in it

The secret is what's NOT in it

Water Free. Paraben Free.

What benefit is that to you? For one, water evaporates, pulling moisture out of your skin. Two, water can lead to wrinkles (you know the prune look after too much time in the bathtub). Third, water is used to dilute a product.

Ozark Satin provides you with 100% lotion. It is a healthy blend of natural ingredients that help hydrate your skin nature’s way, from the inside out. The essential oils and extracts provide relief from aging and dryness. In addition, our Shea Butter, soy oil, and soy protein gives your skin a natural breathable barrier to protect it from pollutants and dehydration. Ozark Satin is paraben free as well.

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Natural ingredients

Take a minute to compare what we put in ours against what chemicals are in other products.

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