Better because of what is NOT in it

Why Buy Ozark Satin Lotion?

Our protein blend adds nutrients to your skin without harmful chemicals or “by-products”. We do not dilute Ozark Satin with water like most major brands. (Water actually dries out your skin. Remember the wrinkled fingers from too long in the bath tub?) Our special combination of emoluments and protein contains more than 17 types of free amino acids, which help to build, maintain and repair the body. Amino acids have been found to assist with cell regeneration and minimizing wrinkles. The combination of soy oil, soy protein and Shea butter also forms a natural breathable barrier on the skin to protect it from pollutants and water dehydration. Our Aloe Vera helps sooth and heal over exposed skin.

Natural Ingredients

We feel that if you can't pronounce what is in a product, you probably shouldn't put it on your skin. We also avoid adding in extra chemicals. Check out this simple explanation for everything you'll find in our lotion. Then compare our lotion to the ingredients in a few other brands.

Ingredient Purpose and Benefits
Aloe Vera Gel w/ Shea Butter Aloe Vera and Shea Butter are both natural moisturisers that are generally considered to be beneficial for a variety of skin conditions, such as dryness, cracked skin, and stretch marks. They are natural sources of a variety of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A and E.
extracts of Grapefruit and Rice Grapefruit extract is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. It helps keep your skin resistant to the effects of sunlight exposure. Some studies have also found it beneficial in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
glyceryl monostearate(GMS), GMS AcidStable These are emulsifiers, which keep the lotion from separating out over time. GMS occurs naturally in your body and is also found in many of the foods you eat.
cetyl alcohol Cetyl alcohol is produced from palm or coconut oil and is commonly found in many cosmetics as a thickening agent.
Jojoba Oil, tocopheryl (Vitamin E) oil An organic compound used instead of whale oil in modern cosmetics.
Rice Bran Rice Bran has been a skin care staple in Japan for centuries, and is particularly effective in treating dry or cracked skin.
Soybean Protein, Soybean oil Soybeans provide a high quality protein base that can both moisturise dry skin and decrease oiliness.
Methyl-propyl paraben Parabens are a food-grade anti-microbial agent.